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We are Me & My House Store

Gifts with a meaning

One Saturday morning I ran into the bedroom and woke my husband David with the words ”I have started a business! You’ll have to manage the economy!”. One might ask whether I thought it through completely, but then the answer would be no, so we don’t ask that question.

Dan. That was the name of my first customer. He wanted a khaki t-shirt with the face of Jesus, from my newly opened, simple webshop. Okay, I thought, and strutted downtown to find an khaki t-shirt to print on. One t-shirt at a time. I cut out the prints by hand using overhead foil and printed with fabric paint in a silk screen frame and fixed with iron. Not quite professional at that time, but that was the way it was. We took photos of ourselves, pulled in our bellies, tried to look good and posted on flatebo.se. One t-shirt at a time.

We started with zero money, but with a great God and one step at a time. And we are still going strong.

With the bible verse, ”I am not ashamed, I know in Whom I believe” we started flatebo.se. The dream was to help Christians to have the courage to show in Whom they believe. The scripture and the dream is still in our hearts and we have grown with it.

We have been active in Sweden since 2005, with our webshop flatebo.se. We are now entering a new chapter, were we want to reach out to all Christians independing of language and location, this time through Me & My House Store. Together we make gifts with a meaning, sharing our common faith in God. Please, join us on our journey!

Lots of blessings from Sweden! /Josephine and the fabulous crew