Leather bracelet: Keep this faith – finish the race

These leather bracelets are made at Hope for Childrens center in Ethiopia. Here young girls are given an alternative to prostitution by learning a new craft like weaving, hairdressing, sewing, catering or leather crafting. These bracelets are made at their leather trade school.

Comes in a nice, simple gift box made with recycled materials. In each gift box there’s a card included with more information about Hope for Childrens work.

The text on the bracelet is discreet.

If you have a similar bracelet that fits well, we recommend that you measure from the center of one clasp to the center of the next clasp.

Sizes to choose from, measured as above:

– 175 mm (about 6.9 inches)

– 190 mm (about 7.5 inches)

– 205 mm (about 8.1 inches)

We recommend you to add some length for the bracelet to fit comfortably and not too tight.

The man in the picture is wearing the largest size and the woman the smallest.





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