Patches – 10 pack bundle: In God we trust

Patches – 10 pack bundle: In God we trust

Reflective wristband with black print at the front. Works great as a wristband, or on a leg, for a dog, on the cart, on your bag… or your favorite stuffed animal. 🙂

Known also as “slap wrap” as you can slap it on, for example, your arm.

Size: 32 cm long, 2.5 cm wide.

Army green iron-on patches with golden text and sticky back.

Iron the patch on your bag, over a hole, or just to freshen up a garment!

Follow these steps:
– Preheat your iron. (Two dots)
– Preheat the garment a few seconds.
– Lay your patch over the hole and position it where you want it.
– Iron the patch, from between 10-15 seconds. Be careful not to burn the garment. Place a thin cloth between the patch and your garment, if you want, and keep the iron moving and try to apply even heat to the whole patch.
– If possible, turn the garment inside-out, and heat for a few seconds from the inside.
– Let cool and use!

Sold in 10-pack bundles. A small instruction is included in the package.

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