Salmon-colored napkin: Bless Our Home

Salmon-colored paper-napkin: Bless Our Home

Really nice for your bread basket, and because the print is in one corner, the message is still visable, buns or tasty sandwiches notwithstanding. Could also serve as a very nice napkin, and it is great to set the table with too!

Paper napkins, three layers. Really nice to set the table with at parties, weddings, funerals, church coffee or even for an ordinary everyday casual dinner, of course. Nice little gift too!

The wipes are made from FSC certified paper from responsibly managed forestries. Bleached without chlorine and are made by Nordic Ecolabel standards.

The same print on all four sides and one side has a tiny little text at the bottom.

Each pack contains 20 full-sized napkins, 33×33 cm when unfolded, 16,5×16,5 cm folded.

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