Special coffee: 1) Jesus, 2) Coffee, 3) Change the world

Roasting coffee is an art that our friends at Björklunds coffee roastery in Västerås have mastered, through a long time of experience with the craftmanship.

They only use quality coffee beans hand picked under fair work conditions in Hondouras, Brasil or where the beans are best that season. The coffee is a high quality fresh produce that is roasted with the expertise of skilled coffee enthusiasts, before it’s ground and packaged.

Our coffee is called special coffee and carries a high quality standard. Grown and harvested under good circumstances and long-term, good relationships with the plantations.

The whole line of production strives to keep a high standard both for the environment and workers in each step.

Each bag contains 250 g (approx. 9 oz.) of finely ground coffee.

Fantastic gift idea! Both tasty and meaningful.


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