Terms & conditions

When you complete your order, you agree to these conditions.

You need to be at least 18 years old to shop in our store.

Usually, we pack and post all orders within 1-3 working days, but during summer, we deliver within 5 working days. At weekends, and during holidays etc. the delivery-time can be longer, but we notify you in these cases. Please, tell us if you need your things to a certain date, and we will try to make it in time.

Normal credit review without a courtesy copy is made.

We send our items by mail. Usually, orders are sent directly to your home address, but larger items are sent to your nearest post office. Shipping and handling fee, currently €4,90 for customers in Sweden. For customers living in EU, and for customers living in the rest of the world, we charge you for the cost according to Postnords prices.
For larger items (bulky packages, or a total weight of over 2 kg), we use any other shipping company (such as DHL, UPS. Fedex) depending on what suits your shipment best.
If you enter the wrong address, and we have to send the package twice, we will charge you an extra shipping fee, so please, be sure that the address is correct.

Order Confirmation
You will receive an automatic order confirmation to the email-address you entered, shortly after you have placed your order. If you have entered an incorrect address, you get no confirmation. If this is the case, please, get in touch with us and we will email a confirmation manually. To make things work out as smoothly as possible, please, check that you entered the correct email address, one more time.

All prices are quoted in Euro and include VAT (25 %, 12 % and 6 %, depending on product).

Sometimes we have coupon-codes, which can give some discount, and they are there to be used. However, if you forget to add the code, we are not able to deduct the discount afterwards.

Customer details
We won’t sell your data, they are only saved in our systems and in MailChimp, that we use to send some joyous news-letters every now and then, with tips on news and offers to our customers, but you can unsubscribe, if you absolutely don’t want to receive these emails. According to GDPR and accounting act.

We use a secure and common payment-service via PayPal,. Simple and easy! All orders needs to be pre-paid.

Companies can also choose to pay via invoice at checkout.  In case of no payment, we will add €6:- and send you a reminder. If the order still is unpaid after two reminders, we will send the case to a debt-collection agency.

Return policy
You can return your order within 30 days (14 days according to Swedish law, but we extends the time twice!). The item must be in original condition, and must be sent along with information about who sends back (Surprisingly, people sometimes send returns without telling us who it came from. Don’t do that, thank you! It just gets giddy.) and also with the order number. More preferably, we would like to hear from you, before you return the order, so that we know to keep an eye open for it when it arrives. If you placed a special custom-order for you (special-printed garments, buttons, magnets, graphic prints, wall decor, etc.) it is classed as an special-order, and the right of return and withdrawal does not apply in these cases. When returning orders, you pay for shipping-costs back to us. Also if you want to change an order,  you pay for shipping back to us. But we pay for the new shipping-cost back to you.

A new, but boring and apparently necessary information, that we need to add on prior originated reasons: It is not allowed to steal our products and make your own versions of them, whether it’s for personal use or to sell. Such things make us sooo sad, so please, don’t do it. Thanks! All products are created with sooo much creativity, and to draw look-alike-copies of our products is beneath dignity. If you come across something – in social media, for example – that looks like plagiarism, we are grateful if you tell us.

If a product is faulty or damaged, please contact us directly.

Force majeure
Me & My House Store is not liable for damage, delays, etc. in the event of enactment, war, strikes, lockouts, boycotts, blockades, extreme weather or natural disaster, an act of customs laws or other similar – and hopefully rare – events.

Suspicious freud will be reported to the police.
We follow the Swedish laws, and hope you feel completely safe and secure with us. Do you have any, just contact us, we are very nice!
With reservation for misprints and possible changes. Please, notify us if you find something wrong!

Customs and VAT
Me & My House Store is a Swedish company, and the products are sent from Sweden, and customs and VAT are charged under applicable laws in each country.

You can also email your order to: info@meandmyhousestore.com!

Please, let us know if you have any concerns, we will help. We are quite nice.

Wishing you all the best! / Josephine Flatebö & crew
Me & My House Store AB